Nov 22, 2009

Good Time in Westport

Good Times in Kansas City
Photographed by Jeff Slater

The night life in Kansas City has really changed since I moved here in 1998. Back them (the olden days?), your options were The Hurricane, and .... God, I'm getting old, I can't even remember were else we used to go. In the late 90s, we thought The Hurricane rocked. Drinks were strong and cheap, which was conducive to a recent college grad's budget. And, everyone was nice. Seriously. You could spill your drink on someone and it was totally okay. Nobody tried to pick a fight with you. And, you made friends with all the other ladies in line for the loo. Jesus, it must sound like the dark ages to today's 20-somethings.

It seems that Westport is on the upswing again with places like The Foundry and blanc burgers + bottles, and old, good standbys like Harry's Bar & Tables.

You now also have the Power & Light District, the Crossroads, and downtown in general is experiencing a new feel of urbanization. KC has really come a long way in the last decade.


Anonymous said...

not to mention Martini Corner in Midtown!

Bob Crowe said...

Hey, Cate, glad to see you back in regular action. We'll be in KC Wednesday night, on our way to Hanover KS for Thanksgiving. Probably dinner with the KC in-laws. What's hot?

Speaking of Westport, I was blown away by Bluestem the one time we ate there but the last time through town it looked so expensive we took a pass.

Catherine VandeVelde said...


I'm a big fan of Pot Pie (just a few doors down from Bluestem) and Room 39 (on 39th St near State Line Rd).

Bluestem is indeed very pricey these days! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Dina said...

Remember the Grand Emporium? Now, that was the place. (I guess I'm getting old too). And yes, now that we have the Power & *ahem* "White" District, all in now well in our fair city.

Catherine VandeVelde said...


So true, so true! (not you getting old!)